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Wednesday, 15 January 2020

Latest! Watch Lisa Vanderpump Say 'Never Say Never' to Returning to 'RHOBH' (Exclusive)

Latest! Watch Lisa Vanderpump Say 'Never Say Never' to Returning to 'RHOBH' (Exclusive)

I want to acknowledge another co-host who has joined us happy are you happy his everything is a rescue you know I'm big into rescue who are the bigger divas all these fabulous animals you could
take care of or all of the fabulous available roles these guys it's a very convoluted complicated experience it's still a hot crazy mess you also had a scary moment

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when a car drove through the front of your restaurant it looked absolutely catastrophic but nobody got
hurt thank God so it was anyone sitting at that - yes they literally jumped up and out the way there's always so much going on even when you guys aren't filming want you to see this Justin Bieber
working out I think right across the street from me the Biebs you would think he had a gym at home

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we're gonna say he should come and just serve for cocktail really but I think a couple of the people there are friendly with him like who just want to draw the line Lisa Vanderpump zip it dearly beloved we are gathered here today what else can you tease for the new season when people are getting married the group's divided that was a catalyst for a pretty kind of explosive season

This Vanderpump rules okay can you just wake up and pretend you're interested to come on taking him to tell me I am a liar I got eyes would you ever return to that show I can never say never about
anything I'm sure you've heard a little bit about some of the drama

well I just heard a little bit about a little hookup situation no comment on that now Lisa we knew you were coming so we had to go back into our vault here you are in a music video in 1982 this is the band ABC I'm walking and working it, ah I'm not don't know who's that different at least I think you've got more gorge is almost kind of dropped a little bit but it's still, therefore, Lisa Vanderpump

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