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Wednesday, 24 June 2020

Walmart Canada facing backlash over 'All Lives Matter,' 'Blue Lives Matter' apparel

Walmart Canada facing backlash over 'All Lives Matter,' 'Blue Lives Matter' apparel

Walmart is being called out for
profiting off merchandise that counters
the black lives matter movement the
items have slogans such as all lives
matter and blue lives matter on them
Lauren Doretta cop has the details
Sharon Rochester was looking online for
a t-shirt with a statement for her
husband maybe something with black lives
matter first thing that popped up out of
all the lists as you scroll down was all
lives matter from Walmart and I'm like
you gotta be kidding me this is this
can't be happening maybe it's a mistake
she immediately went to Facebook and
tagged the company turns out Walmart has
a range of items if you search all lives
matter you can also find blue lives
matter even a pair of booty shorts Irish
lives homeless animal lives it seems
they all matter and you can buy the
t-shirt black lives matter is literally
a call to action to stop killing us this
professor says it's not just Walmart all
major brands they're in a tough spot
right now because they they know they
have to respond to the tone and the
tenor right of our times and there's
like a cultural shift that's happening
Walmart Canada tweeted back to one
person upset about these items saying
they're sold through a third party and
they're looking into it earlier this
month the company's president put out a
video statement promising Walmart would
commit a hundred million dollars to a
Center on racial equity let me say
clearly to our black and
african-american associates and
communities we hear you we see you I
want you to know you're valued
institutions who make statements that
they want to do the right thing they
want to be inclusive they want to be
diverse they want to respect black lives
matter and Disney's lives and then when
that's in conflict with commerce then
commerce normally wins Walmart also
sells a range of black lives matter
items including ones that read I can
breathe in a statement Walmart Canada
says it stands against all forms of
racism and discrimination it says it
will review the item
up for sale on its website to ensure
they comply with the company's terms and
conditions the render medicomp CBC News

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